First Quarter 2021 Corn Situation in MIMAROPA Preliminary Results


Thursday, June 10, 2021


Date of Release: May 31, 2021         
Reference No.: 2021-SR-10  


Total volume of corn production in the MIMAROPA Region was estimated at 46,956.23 metric tons in January-March 2021. Among provinces in the region, Occidental Mindoro’s corn production of 40,820.45 metric tons for the first quarter of 2021 recorded the highest share of about 86.93 percent in the regional production of corn. This was followed by production in Palawan of 5,617.00 metric tons with a corresponding 11.96 percent share in the regional corn production. Meanwhile, the combined corn production from Marinduque, Oriental Mindoro, and Romblon of 518.78 metric tons was only accounted to 1.10 percent share in the MIMAROPA’s total corn production.

During the first quarter of 2021, corns produced in MIMAROPA Region were mostly yellow which were 45,209.55 metric tons or 96.28 percent of the total volume of corn production in the region. Yellow corns were predominantly produced in the provinces of Occidental Mindoro, Palawan, Oriental Mindoro and Marinduque with corresponding share of 98.87 percent, 81.24 percent, 75.31 percent, and 54.43 percent to the total corn production in their respective province. Meanwhile, corns produced in Romblon were predominantly white, accounted 84.35 percent share of its total corn production.


Figure 2. Percentage Share by Type of Corn and by Province, MIMAROPA: January-March 2021

Source: PSA, Corn Production Survey


Volume of corn production slightly decreased by 0.57 percent

Total corn production in the region of 46,956.23 metric tons in January-March 2021 went down by 0.57 percent or about 268.67 metric tons decrease from 47,224.90 metric tons in the same quarter of 2020. The decrease in production was due to the cut-back Occidental Mindoro with 468.55 metric tons (1.13 percent), Oriental Mindoro with 74.12 metric tons (23.17 percent), and Romblon with 13.00 metric tons (10.16 percent), respectively. Meanwhile, corn production in Palawan and Marinduque posted an increase in production of about 230.00 metric tons (4.27 percent), and 57.00 metric tons (56.44 percent), respectively.

Figure 3. Volume of Production by Province, MIMAROPA:
January-March 2021

(Production in Metric Tons)

Both types of corn produced within MIMAROPA Region exhibited decline relative to first quarter 2020. The production of yellow corn dropped by 228.95 metric tons (0.50 percent), while the production of white corn went down by 39.72 metric tons (2.22 percent).


Figure 4. Volume of Production by Type of Corn, MIMAROPA: January-March 2021 and January-March 2020

Source: PSA, Corn Production Survey


Total corn area harvested expanded by 1.63 percent

Total area harvested for all types of corn during the first quarter of 2021 reached 10,859.00 hectares. This was 174.00 hectares or 1.63 percent larger compared to its total area harvested during the same period in 2020. This increase was due to the expansion in the area harvested in Occidental Mindoro (138.00 hectares), Oriental Mindoro (22.00 hectares), Romblon (18.00 hectares), and Palawan (13.00 hectares). In contrast, area harvested in Marinduque, experienced a decrement of 17.00 hectares or 29.82 percent compared to its recorded area harvested last year of the same period.

Figure 5. Area Harvested by Province, MIMAROPA:  January-March 2021 and January-March 2020

Source: PSA, Corn Production Survey


During the January-March 2021, yellow corns’ area harvested of about 10,049.00 hectares posted an increase of 113.00 hectares or 1.14 percent from its area harvested of 9,936.00 hectares during the same quarter of the previous year. This accounted to 92.54 percent share of the region’s total area harvested.  Similarly, white corns’ area harvested of 810.00 hectares was 8.14 percent higher or expanded by 61.00 hectares compared to the recorded area harvested of 749.00 hectares during the first quarter of 2020.


Figure 6. Area Harvested by Type of Corn, MIMAROPA:

 January-March 2021 and January-March 2020

Source: PSA, Corn Production Survey


Average corn yield reached 4.32 metric tons per hectare

During the first quarter of 2021, the average corn yield in the region registered at 4.32 metric tons per hectare. Only Occidental Mindoro’s average yield of 4.57 metric tons per hectare exceeded the regional average yield.


Figure 7. Corn Yield by Province, MIMAROPA: January-March 2021

MIMAROPA’s yield of 4.32 metric tons per hectare was 2.26 percent lower from the yield of 4.42 metric tons per hectare in the first quarter of 2020. All provinces in the region exhibited a decrease in their average corn yield except Marinduque and Palawan with a corresponding increase of 123.16 percent and 3.65 percent.



Corn Production Survey (CPS) is a major quarterly agricultural survey conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority. Its main objective is to generate estimates and forecasts of corn production, area and yield, and other production-related data that serve as inputs to the Performance of Agriculture Report, and accordingly to the preparation of the Gross Domestic Product. The survey also supports the data needs of planners, policy and decision makers on corn, and stakeholders in the agricultural sector, and the general public.

Data gathered in CPS are as follows: (1) production, area planted / harvested and yield by ecosystem and by seed type; (2) usage of seeds, fertilizer and pesticides; (3) source of irrigation water and adequacy, monthly distribution of production and area harvested; (4) farm household disposition of production; (5) area with standing crop, farmer’s planting intention for the quarter; and (6) farmer’s awareness and availment of corn program interventions.

Corn production refers to the quantity of corn produced and actually harvested during the reference period. It includes those harvested but damaged, stolen, given away, consumed, given as harvesters’ and thresher’s shares, reserved, etc. Corn production from seed growers which are intended for seed purposes is excluded from the survey.

Two types of corn harvested are considered in corn production. These are as follows:

1.         White corn is a type of corn used primarily for human consumption.

2.         Yellow corn is generally used as feed grains. It includes all types of corn other than white corn.

Area harvested refers to the actual area from which harvests are realized. This excludes crop areas which were totally damaged. The harvest area refers to the effective area on corn where harvesting is done during the reference quarter.

Yield is an indicator of production derived by dividing the total production by the area harvested.




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TABLE 1. Corn Production, Area Harvested and Average Yield by Province,

MIMAROPA: January-March 2021 and January-March 2020

(Volume of Production in Metric Tons, Area Harvested in Hectares, Yield in Metric Tons per Hectare)



TABLE 2. Corn Production, Area Harvested, by Corn Type, Province,

MIMAROPA: January-March 2021 and January-March 2020

(Volume of Production in Metric Tons, Area Harvested in Hectares)