Romblon Registers 130 Thousand Romblomanons in PhilSys

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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Philippine Statistics Authority PSO Romblon reaches another milestone by successfully registering over 130 thousand Romblomanons for the PhilSys Step 2 Registration. Moreover, 17 out of 17 municipalities in Romblon have had PhilSys operations and established registration centers, of which 5 municipalities namely Banton, Corcuera, Ferrol, San Jose and Calatrava were completely saturated.

As of July 31, 2022, there were 130,143 of Romblomanons or 52.7 percent of the total target, onboarded to the said registration which involves the simultaneous capture of demographic and biometric information in registration centers. The count reflects that more than half of the target population successfully finished their registrations and that the registration teams envision to cover the remaining half as the year ends.

Based on the recent data of the PSO, 89,891 of the total turn-out was captured this year 2022 of which was also 6.1% higher than the target registrants to be covered until September 2022. It is with the continuous support of the PSA’s partner agencies, local government units (LGUs) and those of the Filipino people that the said milestone was achieved.