Processing of CRASM

Step No.


Concerned Staff

1 The Receipt Control officer receives and records the application in SO logbook.

Receipt and Control

2 The screener checks the completeness of the application form and its attachment. RO IV
3 The RO IV will review and evaluate the application for approval of the Regional Director. RO IV
4 If disapproved, application will be returned to the PSO and advise to conduct field visit/personal interview. RO IV
5 If approved, the screener will transmit applciation together with the supporting documents to the Regional Director for approval. RO OV
6 The RD shall return the approved applications to the screener for Encoding/Proof Reading/Printing and Sealing of CRASM and submit to the RD for signature. RO IV/CAO/RD
7 The approved CRASM will be transmitted to the PSO for release. RO IV
8 SO's CRASM shall be entered by the concerned staff in the registry book for Solemnizing Officer, file and archived the approved CRASM and other supporting documents. RO IV
9 For issuance of Certified Tru Copy of the CRASM and other Documents, the SO is required to fill-out the request/claim stub before the requested document be released.         RD


Processing time at RSSO

1. Renewal of CRASM - must be processed and be transmitted back to PSO within three (3) days upon receipt at RSSO.

2. New Applicant - must be processed and be transmitted back to PSO within seven (7) days upon receipt at RSSO.