CRS Outlet



  1. Copy issuance of the following:
    1. Birth
    2. Death
    3. Marriage
    4. Certificate of no marriage
    5. Advisory on marriage
  2. Acceptance and processing of advanced copy of timely registered birth, death, and marriage for electronic endorsement.
  1. Acceptance and processing of advanced copy of late registered and record available of birth, death and marriage for electronic endorsement.
  1. Acceptance and processing of requests through Batch Request Entry System (BREQS) submitted by local government unit BREQS Users.
  1. Assistance and counselling on civil registration matters.





Schedule of Availability of Service: Monday to friday 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Who may avail of the service: General Public

What are the requirements:

1. Filled out Application Form-Af (Birth/Marriage/Death/CENOMAR)

2. Any of the following:

Requester Requirements (Mga kailangan)
1. Owner (may Ari) Valid ID or Police/NBI Clearance
2. Parent (Magulang) Valid ID or Police/NBI Clearance

3. Child (Anak)

Requesting for documents of dead parents/s

Valid ID or Police/NBI Clearance and birth certificate

With authorization letter and ID of all the siblings (kapatid) or heirs of dead sibling

4. Spouse (asawa) Valid ID or Police/NBI Clearance and Marriage Certificate

5. Grandparents, siblings, relatives, friends and other interested persons (lolo o lola, kapatid, kamag-anak, kaibigan o sinumang interesado)

Sibling (kapatid) requesting for the documents of the dead sibling (kapatid) who was single

Valid ID or Police/NBI Clearance and authorization letter, and valid ID of the owner or parent, if minor

If owner is dead, Special Power of Attornet (SPA) from the wife or children or all the heirs of the owner.

Authorization letter and valid from any of the parent, if they are still alive. 

Otherwise, PSA from other siblings or their heirs.


Procedure on how to avail the service

Step Applicant/Client Service Provider Duration of Activity Person in Charge Fees
1 Gets the AF from the Information Marshall and fill out the required information from the AF. Distibutes the AF and check for the completeness of the requirements. 5 minutes PACD Staff no fee
2 Proceeds to the Information Marshall for the queueing number or request for assistanceto screen the filled out forms before giving of queueing number.

Information Marshall issues queueing number.

Checks the completeness of the information provided and gives queueing number.

5 minutes Information Marshall no fee
3 When number is flashed in the monitor, pays the corresponding amount to the cashier/collecting officer.

Gives official receipt, and stamps data/time of release for CENOMAR request.

Forwards the application to the Research Service Officer (RSO) for processing

Birth, Death and Marriage = 30 minutes to 1 hour

CENOMAR/CEMAR = lean months, within the day

=peak season, 4 working days

Collecting Officer

Research Service Officer

Birth/Death/Marriage - P155.00

CENOMAR/CEMAR - P210.00 each

4 Proceeds to Releasing Window Upon presentation of receipt and other requirements, releases requested documents to clients 5 minutes Releasing Clerk no fee
5 Proceeds to Windows 6 if there are queries regarding the requested document (Optional) Attends to the queries of the client   Outlet Supervisor/Care Officer no fee


"Sa pagtatanong, matatamo at tamang tulong,
Sa pagbibigay ng suhestiyon, tamang pagbabago ang maitutugon.”


Please let us know how we have served you by doing any of the following:

Accomplish our Feedback Form and drop in the suggestion box provided

Send your feedback through:


call or text             smart: 0928 910 5000

                              globe: 0995 839 6950

You may direct your complaint to:

Ms. Ella Jean Rose T. Del Rosario             Ms. Leni R. Rioflorido

                                     Outlet Supervisor                 Regional Director and Outlet Manager


If you are not satisfied with our service, your written / verbal complaints shall immediately to be attended to by the Officer of the Day at the Public Assistance and Complaints Desk.