The Regional Social and Economic Trends (RSET) presents time series statistical information about the economic and social environment of MIMAROPA. Various data are disaggregated in different dimensions useful in the conduct of strategic planning, policy, program and project formulation, business/investment decision-making, research, and feasibility studies. The information is intended to meet the needs of a wide range of data users such as government agencies/units, non-government organizations, business firms, entrepreneurs, students, international institutions, and the general public. 

The RSET includes a glossary of terms that provides the definition of selected statistical terminologies not widely understood by the general public. The first edition of RSET MIMAROPA contains time series and cross-sectional data on 17 sectors/subject areas of general interest.

Population and Housing


This chapter presents data series pertaining to the region and by province/city/municipality, where available. The data series include the population counts during several censuses conducted nationwide as well as the demographic characteristics, migration patterns and housing units. Projections of the population of the region up to 2040, which are estimated based on the results of the population census and demographic surveys, are also presented. The data sources are the Philippine Statistics Authority for census data and the Technical Working Group on Population Projections of the Technical Committee on Population and Housing of the Philippine Statistics Authority for the population projections.