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Ethnicity in Oriental Mindoro (2020 Census of Population and Housing)

Release Date:
Reference Number: 2024-SR-013

 About three in every four household population has Tagalog as ethnicity

About three in every four (76.7%) of the 906.66 thousand household population in Oriental Mindoro in 2020 reported Tagalog as their ethnicity. Other major ethnicities were Bisaya/Binisaya (7.1%) and Hanunuo Mangyan (4.2%). 



Tagalog is the top ethnicity in almost all of the City/Municipalities 


In Oriental Mindoro, 14 out of the 15 city/municipalities recorded Tagalog as the top ethnicity. Nine out of 10 residents in the City of Calapan (93.8%), Gloria (90.2%), Pinamalayan (93.0%), Pola (91.9%), and Socorro (90.5%) reported themselves having Tagalog ethnicity.


In the municipality of Bulalacao, Hanunuo Mangyan was the top ethnicity (35.9%). 


Majority of the household population are Non-Indigenous Peoples 

Among the 906.66 thousand household population, 812.24 thousand or 89.6 percent were classified as non-Indigenous Peoples (non-IPs). The remaining 94.4 thousand household population were IPs identified by National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP) with 91.48 thousand (10.1%), Muslim tribes identified by National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) with 1.05 thousand (0.12%), IPs and Muslim tribes identified by both NCIP and NCMF with 457 persons (0.05%), and foreign ethnicities with 1.42 thousand (0.2%). 



Indigenous Peoples comprise 10.1 percent of the province’s household population 

In 2020, IPs identified by NCIP comprised 91.94 thousand or 10.1 percent of the 906.66 thousand household population in Oriental Mindoro. The top five IP groups in the province accounted for about 88.2 percent of the total IPs. Hanunuo Mangyan ranked first with 37,693 persons (41.0%), followed by Iraya Mangyan with 12,084 persons (13.1%), and Buhid Mangyan with 12,064 persons (13.1%). 



Muslim tribes make up less than one percent of the province’s household population 


Muslim tribes identified by NCMF, including the tribes that were also identified as IPs by the NCIP, accounted for 1,503 persons or 0.2 percent of the 906.66 thousand household population in Oriental Mindoro. Among muslim tribes in the province, Maranao accounted for 50.6 percent (761 persons), followed by Sama/Samal with 397 persons (26.4%). 



 One fifths of the  

province’s household population with foreign ethnicity are of Chinese descent


Of the 906.66 thousand household population in Oriental Mindoro, 1,417 persons or                  

0.2 percent were reported to have foreign ethnicity. The top five foreign ethnicities accounted for 893 persons or 63.0 percent of the total foreign ethnicity in the province. Chinese ranked first with 281 persons (19.8%), followed by those with Swiss ethnicity with 260 persons (18.3%). 




The statistics presented in this Special Release were based on the information provided by the respondent pertaining to all members of the household. 


Tha categories of ethnicity were provided by the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples and the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos. 


In the 2020 CPH, data on the ethnicity of all household members were collected by asking the respondent, “What is __________’s ethnicity by descent/blood/relation/consanguinity?”